All you’ve never wanted to know about ’sage’ and ‘grey’ and more:

Dictionary corner

sage n a garden labiate plant whose grey-green leaves are used as a flavouring
sage adj wise.     n a(usu old) man of great wisdom
grey adj of a mixture of black and white


Scarborough Fair – Simon and Garfunkel
Grey Cortina – The Tom Robinson Band
Grey Day – Madness
Grey Ghost – The Henry Paul Band
David Grey
Fade To Grey – Visage
Grey Street – Dave Matthews Band
New Riders Of The Purple Sage


Strawberry and sage shrub
Pineapple and sage margarita
The Sage Lady
Blackberry sage martini
Rose sage sangria

Alternative uses for sage

A refreshing aftershave
To subtly colour silver hair
As a compress on cuts and wounds
In tea for digestive problems and flatulence
As an anti-perspirant
To lower blood sugar in cases of diabetes